About us

Matina was born of a simple idea: Filipino-Americans are proud of their cultural heritage, but are also proud of their own individual journey. What if we give you a way to express both at once? 
I am a first generation immigrant, and this store is a culmination of my experiences as a Filipino woman trying to make it in America. Having been here for over 15 years, I wanted a way to support my heritage, without conflicting with who I have become along the way. Wearing our clothes is a way to have little piece of home with you in your day to day life, expressing your style, AND Filipino pride all at once.
As the fastest-growing online store that features Filipino designers, Matina brings you access to the Philippines' burgeoning fashion and design industry through brands that have a tremendous and growing following.
The Philippines' increasingly progressive cultural ethos is reflected in the evolution of the Filipino's tastes, preferences, and fashion sense. We Seek to share this experience in the US, as we expand our collection of featured Filipino designers.